• Rainfacestar


    December 27, 2014 by Rainfacestar



    Wow, this place is dead. Did I seirously make the last edit on here? Really? *sigh* You people are strange indeed. Welp, no one will probably ever see this so like, whatever. I just needed to notice my victory, which was awesome, no?

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  • EmpressOreo

    SLIGHT inactivity

    May 27, 2013 by EmpressOreo

    I'm putting this here because you guys on this wiki are probably the only people that care c:

    But yeah, I'm going to be SLIGHTLY inactive for like, three or something weeks, because of final exams and shit. School lets out very soon for me, but then I'm also going on vacation until June 14th. I just wanted to let you guys no so you don't freak out and think I've left the wiki or anything c: (Because I've only told about four people about this... and I don't know how many people are on this wiki...)

    So yeah, because of this, my Julai fanfic is sadly postponed. When all this is over with I'll try to make it up for you guys by posting like, four or five chapters (and by that I'll probably get to the start of the actual Games). I'll get a load o…

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  • Rainfacestar

    So pretty much, I am just going to write all my ideas on this page. I don't want to make countless blogs. So if you see that this was edited, CHECK IT OUT!

    Alright, I wanna set up a page format for the character pages and for the story pages and you get what I am saying. If I can do that, I will looooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee you all forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and I don't have to go Empty Child on you with "Are you my mummy?" :D. So, leave your ideas in the comments below about my idea. 

    So, if I can follow out on this plan, I will so get started right away and post the format here. So PLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE?! :D I am bored...

    So.. Below is the little format of how a page should be :3 After the format, I w…

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  • EmpressOreo

    Oh, look at this, Colin. A blog not just made for a badge! You happy about that? xD

    Anyways, yes, I did actually have an idea. Just now. What if I (or someone else, it doesn't matter) wrote a fanfic on here about how the Lovelace Family is in the Hunger Games? Now, this wouldn't really be similar to my Julai fanfiction series, because that features members of the Lovelace Family, but as different characters with different personalities and different backgrounds. And in that fanfic, none of us are related to each other. But in this fanfic, we would all be a family, enjoying our awesome life like the awesome people we are, when the president of Le United States of Chat (or something like that) goes nuts and comes up with a Hunger Games for us t…

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  • Beetee19

    Okay, no more stupid badge blogs, guys. If you have a good idea, then share it, but please don't be stupid. Blogs made solely for badge purposes will be deleted (except this one, of course ;)

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  • Hybrid Shadow


    May 17, 2013 by Hybrid Shadow


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  • Iluvgale

    Pages for people

    May 14, 2013 by Iluvgale

    Hey look at me! I'm being an "active member" of this wiki! Okay, so idea that her royal weirdness has come up with. So we all have all the crap about ourselves on our userpages, and that's just (debatably organized) chaos. So I was thinking that we should make a page for each member of the Lovelace family.

    And each page would have the person's:



    Where they fit into the family

    The most unattractive picture of them they can find

    and just random crap about them. IDK. I'll do it with or without you guy's liking it.

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  • Rainbow Shifter


    So ya de admin joined the family yesterday (Beetroot let meh in) as de embarrassing mummy. Lol fun times

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  • Rainfacestar


    May 12, 2013 by Rainfacestar

    So first... I am bored. Second... FIRST BLOG OF THE WIKI! Woohoo :3. Third... I have a proposition for you all. Now, we are going to wait and type this out until you all can't see what the proposition involves. Okay, I am done typing :3

    So, any way, I think that I can set up a template. It will look pretty similar to the one I made over on Erlends Nightmare Game Wiki. Different colors and different information is about it.

    Now, we can also set up pages for the people that are mentioned by name in the story and that would go along with my little template idea.

    I can also set up categories for the pages for the people. I am really bored and this would give me something to do XD.

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