The Julai Fanfiction Series is planned to be a trilogy written by EmpressOreo on FanFiction.Net. It was originally going to be about Julia and Kekai, but now features several people from the Lovelace family, which is why I suppose a page for it should be on this wiki.


Love: A Small Word with a Large Meaning is the first "book" in the Julai series. It is currently in the process of being written. What I have of it at the moment can be found here.

Love: An Unbreakable Bond (unofficial title) is planned to be the second book in the Julai series.

Love: The Light At The End of the Tunnel (unofficial title) is planned to be the third and final book in the Julai series.


  • Julia Stark
  • Kekai Stone
  • Colin Hensen
  • Elizabeth "Liza" Rain
  • Jackie Garcia
  • Summer Taylor
  • Vinicius Swift
  • Kiersten
  • Dani
  • Oli
  • Annie
  • Erlend
  • Wesley "Wes"
  • Anna
  • Emily "Emma" Skye
  • JJ
  • Mia
  • Gruff
  • Lauren
  • Justin
  • Bella Lovelace
  • Ryan
  • Jason (Angrybirds12)
  • Jason (Misytmolla)
  • TBA


Since the last couple weeks of the school year are going to be extremely busy for me, updating is going to go a bit slow. Usually I update at least once a week, but until summer comes, it might be more like once every two weeks. Nonetheless, I always get an update in because I normally feel very inspired to right this fanfiction and I don't want to let my readers down :3