The Pikxus Fanfiction is based on my fanfiction, Pikxe and Caius: A Hunger Games Story. The story is told in perspective of Pikxe Lovelace, a determined young girl from District 3. Reaped, she soon falls for the cocky yet bashful boy from District 1, Caius. The fanfiction is in progress.

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Pikxe Lovelace, District 3: The main character. 16 years old. Pikxe is determined, mysterious, and anything but shy. She's not afraid to get down and dirty. At times, Pikxe can get smart with others and play with their emotions, and she can be very cheeky and rude. Pikxe has strawberry-blonde hair, olive colored skin, and beautiful plum shaded eyes. She's slender, and very flexible. Her skills consist of climbing, sprinting, hand-to-hand combat, and making others look weak. She's a force to be reckoned with. Pikxe is great with many weapons, but one stands out to her. The sword. Any type of sword is okay, but she prefers broadswords, twin swords and combat swords mostly. 

Gypxe Lovelace, District 3:

Aro Black, District 3:

Caius, District 1:

Euphoria, District 1:

Phinaura, District 4: