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  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is watching Doctor Who, obsessing over Doctor Who, and crying over the fact that Matt Smith is gone :c
  • I am a panda
  • EmpressOreo

    SLIGHT inactivity

    May 27, 2013 by EmpressOreo

    I'm putting this here because you guys on this wiki are probably the only people that care c:

    But yeah, I'm going to be SLIGHTLY inactive for like, three or something weeks, because of final exams and shit. School lets out very soon for me, but then I'm also going on vacation until June 14th. I just wanted to let you guys no so you don't freak out and think I've left the wiki or anything c: (Because I've only told about four people about this... and I don't know how many people are on this wiki...)

    So yeah, because of this, my Julai fanfic is sadly postponed. When all this is over with I'll try to make it up for you guys by posting like, four or five chapters (and by that I'll probably get to the start of the actual Games). I'll get a load o…

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  • EmpressOreo

    Oh, look at this, Colin. A blog not just made for a badge! You happy about that? xD

    Anyways, yes, I did actually have an idea. Just now. What if I (or someone else, it doesn't matter) wrote a fanfic on here about how the Lovelace Family is in the Hunger Games? Now, this wouldn't really be similar to my Julai fanfiction series, because that features members of the Lovelace Family, but as different characters with different personalities and different backgrounds. And in that fanfic, none of us are related to each other. But in this fanfic, we would all be a family, enjoying our awesome life like the awesome people we are, when the president of Le United States of Chat (or something like that) goes nuts and comes up with a Hunger Games for us t…

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