Oh, look at this, Colin. A blog not just made for a badge! You happy about that? xD

Anyways, yes, I did actually have an idea. Just now. What if I (or someone else, it doesn't matter) wrote a fanfic on here about how the Lovelace Family is in the Hunger Games? Now, this wouldn't really be similar to my Julai fanfiction series, because that features members of the Lovelace Family, but as different characters with different personalities and different backgrounds. And in that fanfic, none of us are related to each other. But in this fanfic, we would all be a family, enjoying our awesome life like the awesome people we are, when the president of Le United States of Chat (or something like that) goes nuts and comes up with a Hunger Games for us to compete in, and we'd be the first tributes. Instead of districts, it would go by states, and there could be one from each state if nobody else is from that state (for example: Liza might be the only one from Florida, and Colin might be the only one from Wisconsin, etc.) Some of the family members might die and all, and I don't know if there will be a victor or a rebellion or what, but that's just the basic idea.

So, yeah. Just an idea. You can consider or not, idrc :P

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